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Save the VBACs — the VBAC after t-incision of Aurora

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The Birth Without Fear meet-up is coming to Minneapolis, which I’ll be capturing along with two other talented ladies I am lucky to call friends (Megan Crown Photography and Jennifer Liv Photography), we’re celebrating with a giveaway!

All three of us are giving away two Basic tickets to the Birth Without Fear meet-up, and you can enter by following along on what we’re calling Birth Week: a full week of blog posts celebrating births we’ve captured. You can gain multiple entries to the contest by heading to the blog every day this week and following the instructions at the bottom of the post to enter!

You can see their posts, and enter their contests here and here.


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For today’s post, I have another special message/plea. A local hospital that has been on the forefront of preserving the rights of mothers to choose how they wish to birth has slowly been taking away those rights over the last year. Now, they are planning to ban vaginal births after cesarean, or VBACs.

Sign the petition to stop Hudson Hospital from banning VBACs here: http://chn.ge/1q4ruzF

Why? Because every woman deserves the right to decide what happens to her body in birth. Women are fully capable of making informed decisions when presented with the risks and benefits of various medical interventions and it’s the mother’s right to make these decisions, not the hospital’s place to ban them from doing so.

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These images and short film are from the first VBAC I was honored to witness. It was unique because mom’s surgery involved a t-incision c-section at just about 24 weeks (baby survived and is doing well!) — vbacs after these kinds of surgery are something that is almost unheard of, but not impossible. This is what the mother wanted and chose, weighing all the risks and benefits. She had had a previous vaginal birth, then a c-section and knew she wanted another vaginal birth. She fought for what she wanted and chose care providers who supported her (at St. Cloud Hospital).

There is so much beauty in this. Support VBACs.

the birth of Aurora | peace love babies from Brooke Walsh on Vimeo.

Here mother was her doula.

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If you are looking for support in planning a VBAC, or recovering from a c-section, head to ICAN of the Twin Cities: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICAN-of-the-Twin-Cities/169914379210

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