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The home water birth of Ryhnn | st. cloud home birth photographer

Mama enjoying the wonder of her new baby.
Mama enjoying the wonder of her new baby.

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There was the most beautiful gathering of family and friends at this birth. When I arrived they were chatting, mama relaxing through contractions — it was a calm, but happy birth day party. And while Ryhnn came quite a bit after her “due date,” her birth was swift and lovely.

Mama used yoga to guide herself through pregnancy and carried that with her in labor.

My favorite part of this birth is the look on mama’s face when she realizes how quickly it happened and that it was done, after all that waiting — the surprise and joy in that moment is unparalleled.

Dad’s comments, of how he “just loves that sound,” of his new baby crying are a close second, though. Be sure to watch dad in this one.

Ryhnn | birth from Brooke Walsh on Vimeo.

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Mom later said at this moment she felt her baby's head emerging and knew she'd be born shortly.
Mom later said at this moment she felt her baby’s head emerging and knew she’d be born shortly.

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