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Mom catches baby! | Twin Cities home birth photographer

Mama enjoys the bliss of her new baby.
Mama enjoys the bliss of her new baby.

The Birth Without Fear meet-up is coming to Minneapolis, which I’ll be capturing along with two other talented ladies I am lucky to call friends (Megan Crown Photography and Jennifer Liv Photography), we’re celebrating with a giveaway!

All three of us are giving away two Basic tickets to the Birth Without Fear meet-up, and you can enter by following along on what we’re calling Birth Week: a full week of blog posts celebrating births we’ve captured. You can gain multiple entries to the contest by heading to the blog every day this week and following the instructions at the bottom of the post to enter!

You can see their posts, and enter their contests here and here.


In my last post, dad excitedly caught baby. In this birth, mom caught her baby all by herself.

While preparing for her third birth, this mama prepared using hypnosis. This helped her have the calm and quicker birth she had always wanted. So calm, no one realized the baby was so close to being born until mom pulled her baby up herself.

But mom knew exactly what was happening with her baby and with her body and enjoyed the joy of the moment Madeline emerged gently into her waiting hands.

The attending midwife at this birth is also the baby’s grandmother. How wonderful to share that connection!

Mom’s doula is also a chiropractor. In the film, you can see her giving the baby her first adjustments.

the birth of Madeline | from Brooke Walsh on Vimeo.

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