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What family is all about | MN family cinematographer

I love still photographs. I always have.

I used to spend hours pouring through a box of old black-and-whites reflecting distant and not-so-distant relatives having adventures, looking serious and still, or smiling that my grandmother kept in her closet.

I think there is instituational memory in photographs that flows through the generations.

But video, oh, video. Nothing can take you back to what it felt like in this moment with your family like video.

Cinema has a capacity to bottle up your family just as they are for you to come back to later.

That’s why I was so excited to work with the P family on this video + stills session. I hope this becomes a series and we can watch these little ones grow year-to-year. Can you imagine what they will be like next year?

I’m trying to create something here — the photos we need to hang on our walls, to build generational memory in our families, to freeze time — paired with the video we need to remember vivacity.

Who’s in?